October 15, 2011

Playing With Science

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Playing With Science

work in progress documentary of
scientist/artist/inventors at play
geo geller
geo (at)

Empathy & Science with Howard Bloom

Science & It Ain’t Science Yet

below more videos and list of docs that have an element in Science

Invisible Symphony
a Visual & Musical Poem about the Continuum

a Conversations with Benoit Mandelbrot in a Snow (Fractal) Storm April 1 2003

History of Math according to Howard Bloom

Autism, Music and Beyond
in conversation with Elena Camerin Young
How Music Changed a Young Austistic Child and in turn Changed Elena’s Life too

Pondering the Imponderable with Howard (OmKnowledgist) Bloom 300hrs

Playing With Science programs filmed from Feb 2002 – June 2006

Soul Searching
whats our relationship to science/art/music/dance/food etc

Exploring the Language of Empathy, Intuition & beyond
concept: women speaking in their native language to each other as if they are speaking
the same language in search of a common language

Babble Music
a musical odd-ah-see – Sounding the Depths
KanittaGoi (thai) sneha khanwalkar (indian) israel mizrachi (hebrew) ezzy gluck (yiddish) geo geller (playing himself)

The State Of Empathy
ReImagine Society, transforming our fear & punishment based society/institutions into Empathy Center
“We Have Traded Off Empathy for Apathy” David Waldorf
“We are Not taught about how to develop the powers of empathy” Howard Bloom

Socialization & Psycho-Phobia
Rethinking How We Think About Mental Illness, Autism, Socialization and Beyond

Mind On Fire
stand alone indepth documentaries with people who have a mental diagnosis and been hospitalized:
Madness And God Music Saved My Life – Conversations with (self-described) Bi-Polar Bear James Kusel OCD – Prisoner in Your Own Body
Return to Eden a moving picture about a painting that speaks (ask for Password)conversation on art, mental illness with Issa

Humor Me
Humorizing and Humanizing Effect of Humor for Psycho-Phobia doc with David Granier

Life of Insanity
conversation with Issa about encounters with Ralph on the otherside of the divide 10-22-2012


excerpt from 300 hours of
My Mind Your Mind the Mind of Scientist & Beyond the Mind

Pondering the Imponderable with Howard (OmKnowledgist) Bloom

Excerpted from
Pondering the Imponderable

Howard (OmKnowledgist) Bloom

in conversation with Geo Geller Sept 2014

an Experiential Non-Linear Non-Story Experiment
(no beginning nor end – 300 plus hours of conversations)

stand alone work in progress docs
“Putting the Soul Back into Science”, “History of Math” “Conciousness”
“Science, Einstein, Obsession, Wonder the Soul and Beyond” “Celebration of the Odd”
“Pondering the Big Bang & Beyond”

Pondering the Imponderable with Howard (OmKnowledgist) Bloom s

by geo geller

Howard Bloom – Truth, Music of Cosmos, Community

My Mind Your Mind the Mind of Scientist Howard (OmKnowledgist) Bloom –

Excerpted from over 300 hours of Pondering and Imponderable conversations with Howard Bloom – Science Einstein Obsession Wonder the Soul and Beyond – Bloom lost in thought, the mind of artist, scientist, his mind, Einstein, Obsession and beyond – how and why Einstein would go out of the house in his Pajamas with his wife running after him – how a focused mind gets lost and seduced by its imagination

Howard Bloom on Nectar Of Pain
on Loss of Identity
a Journey Through Prison of CFS Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Hell and Back
teaser/trailer for full documentary excerpted from
Pondering The Imponderable with Howard Bloom by geo geller

geo geller
geo (at)


Partial List of

Playing With Science programs filmed from Feb 2002 – June 2006

geo geller

email: geo (at)
Never before released 40 min and 10 sec

audio version excerpted from a video I shot outside his home in WestChester County NY – fyi this was a conversation, not an interview… he liked that i wanted to shoot him in a fractal storm, it took about six months before i called him up and said “its snowing!” I would like to come to you and he said sure – i was also interested in how he saw himself and his life, realizing that people had covered a lot of his background before
video will be coming soon

Wandering Visionary in Math’s Far Realms
‘The Fractalist

a Memoire by Benoit Mandelbrot
Published: October 30, 2012 by Senior writer and book critic for the New York Times, Dwight Garner (see below)
a memoire Mandelbrot talked about below
– if you want to see the video or have some interest please email me

Audio only
Conversations with Benoit Mandelbrot in a Snow Storm (Fractal Storm) on April 1 2003
NOTE: players are for different tablets and browsers – all the same audio

      1. mandelbrot-1abc-40min-10sec

Get the Flash Player to see the wordTube Media Player.


NY TIMES book review Published: October 30, 2012
a memoire Mandelbrot talked about in a snowstorm on April 1 2003

from NYtimes Mandelbrot created mathematical shapes that mimic the irregularities found in nature.

Wandering Visionary in Math’s Far Realms
‘The Fractalist,’ Benoit B. Mandelbrot’s Math Memoir

Invisible Symphony

view below in its own page

Partial List of

Playing With Science programs filmed from Feb 2002 – Dec. 4, 2005

FYI: below is a “VERY” partial list of scientist at play that i have filmed in NYC over approx 7 years – this as been a work of love and I have not made any return on my investment of time and money – I am looking for a home and support on making of Playing with Science and more for general public and educational community as well as to be more vital and viral any support is appreciated

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