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April 23, 2018

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Wandering Visionary in Math’s Far Realms
‘The Fractalist

a Memoire by Benoit Mandelbrot
Published: October 30, 2012 by Senior writer and book critic for the New York Times, Dwight Garner (see below)
a memoire Mandelbrot talked about below
– if you want to see the video or have some interest please email me

Audio only

Conversations with Benoit Mandelbrot in a Snow Storm (Fractal Storm) on April 1 2003
NOTE: players are for different tablets and browsers – all the same audio

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NY TIMES book review Published: October 30, 2012
a memoire Mandelbrot talked about in a snowstorm on April 1 2003

from NYtimes Mandelbrot created mathematical shapes that mimic the irregularities found in nature.

Wandering Visionary in Math’s Far Realms
‘The Fractalist,’ Benoit B. Mandelbrot’s Math Memoir

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