November 25, 2017

conversation with Issa

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Issa, his art, life, mental illness and beyond and below in conversation with geo

day 2 conversation

excerpt– second second conversation

edited – complete -second conversation – edited

001-convo- first conversation – not edited

conversation with Issa about life of insanity and encounters with Ralph on the otherside of the divide 10-22-2012

insanity: issa on ralph and beyond-10-22-2012
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insanity: post-conversation after-issa on ralph and beyond–10-22-2012
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Issa, his art, life, beyond and below in conversation with geo for and

excerpt-001-convo-with-issa-on-art-and-life 9/14/2012
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001-convo-with-issa-on-art-and-life 9/14/2012
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GEwIZ: avantPOP experimental & pop singer/songwrting collaboration – music/songs/spoke-word

list of all of the good, the bad, the process and beyond and some that just don’t fit anywhere random playlist some taken from our individual albums all can be found on

Chasing The Dream \\ Touching Madness \\ House of Mirrors \\ Crossing The Line \\ ContinYOUhumm \\ Sounds From Lost & Found
\\ contact gewiz (at)

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